The Carbon Nanotube Accelerator
(CNT) has central protons inside
the nanotube, as well as exterior
carbon and gold ions (for coating).

Then, the AC electric field of
7x10^17 W/cm2 is applied to the
nanotube. Protons are expelled
viollently along the parallel direction.

When the electric field of 1x10^22 W/cm2
is used, it has relativistic electrons and
protons, as is shown in Comp. Physics
Communications in Elsevier Publisher (2019).

Molecular Dynamics

Movies of three cases...


Along the CNT

Au (+20)

With carbons only
- no Au ions are present

* M.Tanaka and M.Murakami
Computer Physics Commun.
April, 2019.

* M.Murakami and M.Tanaka,
Appl.Phys.Lett., 102, 163101, 2013.

* Physics Update, Physics Today,
May 2, 2013

H (+)

Perpendicular to CNT


C (+6)


E: AC electric field